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Below are Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Monsters, Inc.

Q: What is the rating of Monsters, Inc.?

A: With so many animated films getting PG and PG-13 ratings this year, parents will be pleased to learn that Monsters, Inc. has been rated "G" by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Q: John Lasseter is a great visionary. He directed Monsters, Inc. too, right?

A: While John Lasseter was involved in the creation of Monsters, Inc. he did not direct it. The director of Monsters, Inc. is a gentleman by the name of Pete Docter. Docter has been associated with Pixar for awhile as he was the second animator hired by the company and he's played a big role in all of Pixar's films. For example, he was the supervising animator for Toy Story, in which he also contributed story elements. You'll be hearing Docter's name mentioned a lot in the future.

As far as Lasseter goes, he was an Executive Producer on Monsters, Inc. even though his involvement went beyond that role.

Q: Pixar sometimes releases an animated short before its animated movies. Is there a short that airs before Monsters, Inc.?

A: There sure is! It is called "For the Birds". Click here to read our news article on its addition to Monsters, Inc.

Q: What trailers are attached to Monsters, Inc.?

A: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (teaser) and Return to Neverland.

Q: How long is Monsters, Inc.?

A: Monsters, Inc. is 1 hour and 32 minutes in length. However there are also two trailers and an animated short attached to it, increasing the time to about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Q: How much did it cost to make Monsters, Inc.?

A: Industry estimates for the production and marketing of Monsters, Inc. have been placed at approximately $150 million.

Q: When will the soundtrack be out?

A: It's out now, featuring music by Randy Newman. Click here for more information on the soundtrack or click here to visit the dFX Monsters, Inc. store.

Q: When will Monsters, Inc. be released in the U.K.?

A: Unfortunately the UK won't see Monsters, Inc. until February 8, 2002. Only a handful of other countries will see Monsters, Inc. prior to 2002.

Q: I noticed that one monster with a minor role is voiced by Frank Oz! Is this correct?

A: Yes, it's true. Frank Oz voices a monster named Fungus, which is the assistant to the movie's main villain, Randall.

Q: Who created Monsters, Inc. - Disney or Pixar?

A: Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios formed a partnership where Pixar agreed to produce five original animated features that Disney would market and distribute. So Pixar Animation Studios is truly responsible for the film while Disney is responsible for the marketing, merchandising, distribution, etc.

Q: Isn't there a company that surveys audiences on opening nights and issues a report card on what people thought? I'd be interested in knowing the reactions to Monsters, Inc.

A: The company is called CinemaScore and its report card for Monsters, Inc. (based on surveys of people on opening night) scored higher than any other movie this year with all male groups giving it an A+ and females under 21 giving it an A+ with females over 21 giving it a solid A.

Q: My family and I sat through the credits of Monsters, Inc. and were disappointed that there were no outtakes at the end. What happened?

A: It is likely that either Pixar didn't have time to create outtakes for Monsters, Inc. or else it is saving outtakes to attach to Monsters, Inc. during the Christmas holidays in order to garnish more attention. The latter theory is most likely the scenario as it is a good marketing technique to get people to see the movie more than once.

Q: I have Monsters, Inc. question. Where do I ask it?

A: Send your question to with a subject header of "Monsters, Inc. Question". Select questions will be answered on this page.





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