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April 2001 News Archive

Sunday - April 1, 2001 (April Fool's Edition)
- DreamWorked to Produce Hieroglyphic Animated Feature!
- Dizney Unveils New Mascot
- Warner Sisters Denies Marketing Animated Film
- Monsters, LTD Receives Changes and a PG Rating!
- News Link of the Day - Dizney Acquires Aardwoman!
- Boogy Woogy Link of the Day - Ghost Busters: A dFX Production!

Monday - April 2, 2001
- William Hanna Being Honored Tonight
- Short Speech Major PR Boost for Animated Short Winner
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- News Link of the Day - Adventures in Anime

Tuesday - April 3, 2001
- Disney to Slash Animator Salaries!
- Film Roman Strives for "Edgier" Animated Series
- Disney's New Marketing Concept: Atlantis Prequel Game
- News Link of the Day - Animators' Salaries are Next Target for Disney

Wednesday - April 4, 2001
- Destination Atlantis Awaits El Capitan Visitors
- Tarzan to Air this Month on ABC
- E.T. to Return to the Big Screen with New Footage
- News Link of the Day - High-Tech Court Gets Test Run

Thursday - April 5, 2001
- Tomb Raider Versus Atlantis: The Lost Empire
- Animation/FX Cheers and Sneers for March 2001
- A Popular Mix: Cartoon Characters and Gambling
- News Link of the Day - The Long and Short of Oscar Success

Friday - April 6, 2001
- Pokemon 3 Released to Theaters
- Quotes of Interest From Pixar's Annual Report
- BBC News: Hanna-Barbera "Most Famous Names in Cartoons"
- News Link of the Day - From Pencils to Pixels

Saturday - April 7, 2001
- $25,000 Reward for Return of Spiderman Costumes
- Osmosis Jones Trailer Tagged Onto Pokemon 3
- Disney Held Tight Reign on Pearl Harbor Production
- News Link of the Day - Hit British 'Butt Ugly' Cartoon to Invade U.S.

Sunday - April 8, 2001
- Rebuilding Disney's Laugh-O-Gram Studios
- Behind the Scenes of Jurassic Park 3
- Spy Kids Sends Pokemon 3 Packing
- News Link of the Day - Pokémon's Market Crash Holds Lessons for Young Traders

Monday - April 9, 2001
- Strike Deadlines Near
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Film Roman: "No Deal"
- News Link of the Day - Flash and Fury Make Pokemon 3 an Assault on the Senses

Tuesday - April 10, 2001
- Disney Changes Beauty and the Beast Rerelease Date
- Mighty Mouse Endorses Cheese
- Harry Potter Movie to be Given Worldwide Release
- News Link of the Day - Cinar Being Sued by Subsidiary's Former Owners

Wednesday - April 11, 2001
- Spy Kids Tops $50 Million
- Cartoon Network Plans "The Best We Got" Marathons
- Rugrats Turning into Nice Franchise for Nickelodeon
- News Link of the Day - KC Group Rebuilding Disney's Laugh-O-Gram Studio

Thursday - April 12, 2001
- Jim Hill to Join Digital Media FX Team as Animation Columnist
- Softimage Announces New Managing Director
- New Legends Latest X-Box Title to be Announced
- News Link of the Day - Action Goes to the Max

Friday - April 13, 2001
- Mutant Legal Problems - X-Men Vs. The Mutants
- Jim Hill and Noell Evans Join dFX Writing Team
- Live Action Josie and the Pussycats Opens in Theaters
- News Link of the Day - Barenaked Ladies (music group) Gets Animated

Saturday - April 14, 2001
- Can The Lord of the Rings Bring Hollywood to New Zealand?
- Ready for The Simpsons Wrestling?
- New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
- News Link of the Day - Hey, That's Us

Easter Sunday - April 15, 2001
- Pearl Harbor to Dominate Memorial Weekend
- The Miracle Maker Airs Tonight on ABC
- Spy Kids Rule Box Office Again
- News Link of the Day - Big Adventures of Tiny Heroes

Monday - April 16, 2001
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM Studios
- News Link of the Day - Microsoft's 'Clippy' Headed for the Trash

Tuesday - April 17, 2001
- Michael Eisner: "Disney Animators Deserve Greatest Protection!"
- Shrek Tie-Ins Begin
- DreamWorks Extends Distribution Deal with Universal Studios
- News Link of the Day - PacketVideo Juices Up Wireless Gaming

Wednesday - April 18, 2001
- DreamWorks Releases Shrek Behind the Scenes Teaser
- Disney Promotes Earth Day With Pepper Ann Episode
- Enhanced Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy IV Coming to Playstation
- News Link of the Day - Final Fantasy: Making the Movie

Thursday - April 19, 2001
- Shrek Premiere Screening Set for April 22
- Original XFX Artwork and Sci-Fi Film Props Being Auctioned
- Nickelodeon to Expand Video Game and Interactivity Base
- News Link of the Day - 10 Things Every Kid Wants to Know About Spy Kids

Friday - April 20, 2001
- Shrek Wins Showing at Cannes!
- Can Spy Kids Make it Four in a Row?
- ABC Announces Airing of Tarzan - Includes HDTV Transmission!
- News Link of the Day - Where Comics Are No Laughing Matter

Saturday - April 21, 2001
- Akira Gets Wider U.S. Theatrical Release
- Atlantis: The Lost Empire Not Opening Wide on June 8, 2001
- Spy Kids Dethroned
- News Link of the Day - Study: Macromedia's Flash Most Popular Plug-In

Sunday - April 22, 2001
- One Week Until Writers "Strike"
- Shrek Soundtrack Details
- Weekend Box Office Estimates
- News Link of the Day - Rugrats Roller Coaster Opens

Monday - April 23, 2001
- Waking Life Distribution Rights Acquired by Fox Searchlight
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Cartoonist Awards Set for Late May
- News Link of the Day - Microsoft Forms X-Box Alliance with Taco Bell

Tuesday - April 24, 2001
- DreamWorks Releases New Shrek Pictures
- Shrek Video Game to Launch with X-Box
- Alias/Wavefront Announces Maya 4
- News Link of the Day - Thunderbirds are Glas-go!

Wednesday - April 25, 2001
- DISGRACE: Disney Animation Changes
- Animated Film Ratings
- Reuters: Animators No Longer in Demand
- News Link of the Day - Disney to Lay Off Animators

Thursday - April 26, 2001
- Cats & Dogs Verus A.I.
- Cartoon Network Nabs Chicken Run
- The Mummy Returns Premiere Set for Sunday
- News Link of the Day - Disney to Lay Off Animators

Friday - April 27, 2001
- Production Begins on New HBO Animated Series
- The Battle Over "R" Rated Marketing
- DreamWorks Bypasses Release of Shrek Score
- News Link of the Day - Ink and Computer Animation in ‘Toons

Saturday - April 28, 2001
- Digital Media FX Opens Shrek Movie Site
- Can the Electrical Parade Rescue Disney's California Adventure?
- The Calm Before the Storm
- News Link of the Day - Pearl Harbor: Pretty Faces, Big Bucks Dress Up War Epic

Sunday - April 29, 2001
- Media - Shrek to Score Big
- Fox Kids Network to Air New Anime Series
- Box Office Estimates - Spy Kids Third
- News Link of the Day - A Hunchback for all Seasons

Monday - April 30, 2001
- Shrek Characters in Reading Ads
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Writers Contract With Studios Ends Tomorrow!
- News Link of the Day - Shrek: A Marketing Masterpiece

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