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Saturday - August 18, 2001
- Osmosis Jones Falls Out of Top 10
- Reviewer Slams Planet of the Apes After Praising It
- 3D TV
- News Link of the Day - Hollywood Reveals Internet Movie Plans

Osmosis Jones Falls Out of Top 10
(by Osmosis Jones failed to make the top 10 movies on Friday, in only its second weekend of release. In its first entire week at the box office, Osmosis Jones only made $7.5 million, well under the costs of production. Osmosis Jones is expected to conclude its box office run with around $17 million.

Both Planet of the Apes and Jurassic Park 3 remained in the top 10 coming in #7 and #9 respectively. To date, Planet of the Apes has made $155 million while Jurassic Park 3 has made $155 million.

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Reviewer Slams Planet of the Apes After Praising It
(by In an article titled, "I Admit It, I Went Ape Too Soon," movie critic Geoff Pevere apologized to his readers for initially giving Planet of the Apes a four-star praise-filled review. After seeing the movie a second time, after his initial review had been published, Pevere had a strong reversal of opinion.

Like Wahlberg's space jockey, I started wishing that I too could slip through a convenient timewarp, even just a 24 hour timewarp, and knock my review down a star or so," said Pevere. "...I was wrong. Planet Of The Apes isn't as good a movie as I first told you it was."

It is unheard of in the publication industry for a reviewer to change his/her opinion then publish a new opinion.

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(by 3D TV was shown off at SIGGRAPH 2001 by Dynamic Digital Depth, which was showing off 3D technology without glasses, featuring real-time stereo 3D pre-visualization. The illusion is achieved via special 3D screens that are created in Germany.

The 3D experience is also coming to the Internet this fall via a company called TDV. The company is set to air major online entertainment and events that appear to be floating in front of the user's monitor. The special glasses for this technology are being introduced in September. For more information on TDV, visit

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News Link of the Day - Hollywood Reveals Internet Movie Plans

According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

"Five major movie studios, including some of Hollywood's top players, unveiled plans yesterday for a joint venture that will allow computer users to download rental copies of feature films over the Internet.

The service, which will be available only to those with high-speed Internet connections, is an attempt to get ahead of some of the piracy problems that have plagued the music industry through services like Napster and which were beginning to be felt in the film industry with newer file-swapping services..."

Click here for the full story.

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