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Reporter Slammed for Critical Disney Editorial

(by Digital Media FX readers took issue with an opinion column by The Daily Telegraph’s Minette Marrin that criticized nearly everything that Walt Disney stood for just before what would have been his 100th birthday on December 5, 2001. In the editorial, with quotes featured in yesterday’s Digital Media FX news, Marrin says, in part:

“…I would like to take the opportunity of his 100th anniversary to say that I absolutely hate Walt Disney. I do not mean the man, so much as his works, and most particularly his so-called animated feature films, or cartoons.

There is something loathsome about the homogenised, sanitised, reductive sentimentality that is the Disney vision. He has invaded the whole world, commandeered its great myths and turned them into stereotyped, saccharine schlock, and then forced them back on us in their new, soulless form…”

(click here to read the full editorial)

The article has caused outrage amongst many Digital Media FX readers who are discussing it in the Digital Media FX forums (click here to view the discussion).

“Personally I think this Minette Marrin character has some issues to deal with,” says longtime Digital Media FX reader ‘Rzetlin’. “It is disrespectful to attack someone who is dead and cannot defend him/herself…This might be a different story if the editor was talking about not liking Disney movies, but her main quibble is against a person she probably never met.”

“After reading the editorial, I just want to know where I can find the version of Charlotte's Web that ‘Disney made’,” says animator ‘Max’ in the forums. “Must be suppressed, along with ‘Victory through Air Power.’ Nothing like a Limey tabloid to do some real research on an editorial. Sloppy fact checking aside, trashing Disney for the Bowdlerization (hey, wasn't Bowdler another Brit?) of children's lit is so 1980's, so passe.”

Not all the comments were negative towards the article. At least one reader, ‘Durrien’ took issue with the editorial being an attack against Walt Disney. “What she is railing against is the general watering-down and homogenization of our imagination and cultural history, much along the lines of any current protest against saccharine and sophomoric corporatization of our world's mores,” says Durrien. “She doesn't give two poops about the man of Walt Disney, so much as what ‘Disney’ has come to represent.”

“The author is entitled to her opinion, of course, but this does seem a bit harsh in the delivery, and has the feeling that this author has been lying in wait, licking her chops and waiting for the right moment to disgorge her load of vitriol,” says longtime forum poster ‘Penanimate’. “Disney (the company) gave her a tailor-made opportunity by making a big deal out of the 100th birthday of a man most people at the company couldn't care less about.”

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