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Several New Digital Media FX Updates Unveiled

Digital Media FX magazine underwent a major update today that will continue into tomorrow. A few of the new updates include (click to view)

A new column by Jim Hill titled, "Secret's From Pixar's Closet"

An interview with Fathom Studios Marc Adler

An interview with Fathom Studios Jason F. Maurer

A feature article on The Animations of Terry Gilliam

A dFX Commercial Watch article on Quiet Man's 100 Years of Magic Commercial

A new edition of Animation / FX Cheers and Sneers

A new section called "Maquettes"

The addition of a search engine

In addition to the updates, Digital Media FX has unveiled a new way that it handles news. News updates now can take place throughout the day versus just once a day as before. In addition, all daily news are accessible from the front page of Digital Media FX and can be emailed to an associate or friend. The articles are also preformatted for printing.

More updates will be added tomorrow including the unveiling of the dFX Beauty and the Beast Movie Site.

Digital Media FX is a leading online publication for animation and visual effects information. It is updated 365 days a year and places a strong focus on customer service (for example, pop-up banner ads are banned from ever appearing on Digital Media FX). Digital Media FX and its predecessor online magazine have won several industry awards, including being named by Smart Computing Magazine as one of the Top 2,500 Sites on the Web.

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