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Monsters, Inc. Outtakes This Friday!

(by Disney and Pixar have officially announced that outtakes will begin appearing with Monsters, Inc. beginning this Friday, December 7. This will be the third straight Pixar movie that has included outtakes.

"Animated outtakes have become a signature of Pixar's films," says John Lasseter, executive producer of Monsters, Inc. and executive vice president of creative for Pixar Animation Studios. "We pioneered animated outtakes with A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2, and with Monsters, Inc. we couldn't resist doing them again. They're as much fun to create as they are to watch.''

The outtakes, which play along with the end credits of the film, feature the lead characters in various "behind-the-screams'' situations. Sulley, Mike, and the other characters from Monsters, Inc. make appearances, voiced by John Goodman, Billy Crystal, and the rest of the original talent from the film.

"Audiences have responded to Monsters, Inc. and made it one of the biggest hits of the year, and we thought it would be fun to give them something extra: a set of animated outtakes," says Richard Cook, chairman of The Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group. "Director Pete Docter, executive producer John Lasseter, and the rest of the gang have put the Monsters characters into some really hilarious situations, and they provide another great reason to see this hit movie again."

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