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Tuesday - July 31, 2001
- Final Fantasy May End Box Office Run with $35 Million
- Final Weekend Box Office Numbers
- New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
- News Link of the Day - George Follows Shrek Into The CGI Jungle

Final Fantasy May End Box Office Run with $35 Million
Final Fantasy(by The PG-13 rated Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within has become the biggest box office flop of the summer, with a low opening weekend
and massive week to week drops. Last weekend, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within had the largest drop of the top 15 movies of the box office, losing 64% of its audience from the weekend before. The movie is on course to end its box office run with only $35 million. The news doesn't bode well for Square Pictures, which spent well over $100 million to create the film. Critics panned the movie for its plot while Final Fantasy fans complained that the movie didn't resemble the video game series.

The performance could have repercussions throughout the CGI industry where there have been at least four "PG-13" type fully-CGI movies in production. Audiences reaction to Final Fantasy could put a quick stop to such efforts or make it harder for the companies producing the movies to find a distributor.

Square Pictures had been working on a secret project that was to be completed by February 2002. It is unknown at this time if the failure of Final Fantasy has caused that production to be revised or canceled.

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Final Weekend Box Office Numbers
(by Final weekend box office numbers are in and here are the results for the top animated and visual effects movies:



Weekend Total


Overall Total

Planet of the Apes # 1 $68.5 Million New $68.5 Million
Jurassic Park 3 # 2 $22.5 Million -56% $124.8 Million

Dr. Doolittle 2

# 6

$04.6 Million


$101.2 Million

Cats & Dogs # 7 $04.6 Million -32% $81.6 Million


# 10

$01.8 Million


$255.5 Million

Final Fantasy # 12 $01.3 Million -64% $30.3 Million

Tomb Raider

# 13

$01.0 Million


$128.4 Million

A.I. # 14 $943,536 -56% $76.7 Million

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

# 15



$79.4 Million

Pearl Harbor

# 16



$193.6 Million

The Mummy Returns

# 29



$200.9 Million

The gain/loss represents the movie's performance when compared to last weekend.

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New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
(by A new edition of the dFX Animation and Visual Effects newsletter will be delivered via email to those who are subscribed. Each free issue of the newsletter contains news stories and features not found in regular Digital Media FX updates. For example, the last issue (July 15) contained a look at Jurassic Park 3, news on Rugrats "All Grown Up" 10th anniversary episode, Planet of the Apes problems, a new Playhouse Disney series, and a recap of the top five animation/fx news stories for June. Many issues also contain sneak previews of columns and features that newsletter readers get to view before the general public.

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News Link of the Day - George Follows Shrek Into The CGI Jungle

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

"Call it Shrek envy. After the runaway success of DreamWorks' animated feature film, Universal Pictures and Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment have decided to go the same route with their long-in-development project Curious George, based on the children's book series of the same name.

The project, originally planned as a live-action feature, has morphed into a fully CGI project and is currently out to writers, who will adapt it to the newly chosen format..."

Click here for the full story.

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