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Monday - June 11, 2001
- dFX Launches Artists and Forum Insights Service
- Atlantis Producer Downplays Titan A.E. References
- Release Charts: Animated, Anime, and FX DVDs
- News Link of the Day - Disney's War Epic Sinks Fast

Digital Media FX - The Power of ImaginationdFX Launches Artists and Forum Insights Service
(press release) Digital Media FX — the leading online publication for animators, visual effects artists, and animation enthusiasts — has launched two new reference services serving the animation and FX communities.

"We are pleased to now offer our readers more insight into artists through our new Artists reference section and more insight into the industry through our new Forum Insights section," says Joe Tracy, publisher of Digital Media FX magazine.

Both new services are still in their initial stages of development, but have been opened to the public. The first new section, called "Artists", will allow Digital Media FX readers to access detailed information on artists within the industry. The section can be accessed directly via

The second new service, called "Forum Insights", takes insightful posts from animators and readers that were posted on the Digital Media FX forums and organizes the posts into categories so that readers can gain quick access and knowledge from past insights shared in the forums.

"I read through the Digital Media FX forums daily to find out behind the scenes info on upcoming films and shows," says says Scott Zirkel, an animator in San Antonio, Texas. "It's also a great place to learn about animation and the people are eager to help with any critiques or questions."

The Digital Media FX forums are an excellent reference tool for those seeking advice or wanting to break into the industry.

"I am impressed with the excellent people that frequent the forums and are quick to help those who have questions or want advise," says Tracy. "It's a true community of helpful individuals."

Forum Insights can be accessed directly via

Digital Media FX ( has also reorganized its navigation menu to help readers quickly find information that can best serve their needs. Digital Media FX is strongly committed to the animation community and is updated 365 days a year, including holidays.

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Atlantis: The Lost EmpireAtlantis Producer Downplays Titan A.E. References
(by Many critics are comparing Disney's PG-rated Atlantis: The Lost Empire to Fox's PG-rated Titan A.E., which bombed at the box office a year ago. The comparisons state that both are targetting the same audience (teenage boys), both are drama's without songs, both have similar plot points, and both break far away from the typical Disney formula.

Not so fast, says Atlantis Producer Don Hahn. Hahn is quoted by the LA Daily News as making the following statement about comparisons to Titan A.E.:

"Just because Titan A.E. did what it did doesn't mean you stop believing in these types of stories. My recollection is that Titan A.E. was marketed tightly to teen-age boys, especially with the soundtrack, and that is fundamentally not our goal with this movie. We never thought, 'Let's put together a bunch of explosions and make a movie for teen-age boys.' Is there stuff that appeals to that group? Sure, I hope so. But there's stuff for everybody."

Only time will tell. Atlantis opens in theaters nationally this Friday. It will be competing against Paramount's Tomb Raider and the continued strong performance from PDI/DreamWorks Shrek.

> Click here to visit the "Atlantis is Waiting" dFX Movie Site.

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Release Charts: Animated, Anime, and FX DVDs
(by Here is the short list of animated, anime, and FX DVDs premiering on DVD tomorrow:

2001 - A Space Odyssey: Limited Edition Collector's Set (1968 - FX)
Farscape #4: PK Tech Girl/That Old Black Magic (1999 - FX)
Sailor Moon S - Heart Collection III: TV Series, Vols. 5 & 6 Uncut (1995 - Anime)

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News Link of the Day - Disney's War Epic Sinks Fast

According to MSNBC:

"Last year, Disney Chairman Michael Eisner predicted Pearl Harbor would be the summer’s top-grossing film. It is a prediction that will live in infamy. Well, in Hollywood, anyway, where it is already becoming clear the Disney film won’t live up to its considerable hype.

While the love-meets-war epic has pulled in an impressive $126.9 million so far, its 13-day take is lagging behind that of last year’s big Memorial Day opener, Mission:Impossible 2. Adding insult to injury, the Mouse House is being beaten by a cartoon…"

Click here for the full story.

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