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Friday - June 15, 2001
- Let the Battle Begin: Atlantis and Tomb Raider Open
- Atlantis to Get Video Sequel and TV Series
- A.I. Soundtrack to Hit Store Shelves on July 3, 2001
- News Link of the Day - Hampster Dancing into Other Venues

Let the Battle Begin: Atlantis and Tomb Raider Open
Most Analysts Pick Tomb Raider to Finish First(by Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Paramount's Tomb Raider both opened nationally today in a head to head battle for moviegoers looking to view an action/adventure movie this weekend. Atlantis opened in 3011 theaters while Tomb Raider opened in 3,308 theaters.

What makes the battle more interesting is that neither film has an advantage when it comes to screen time. Atlantis easily fits within the normal animated length parameters at 88 minutes. The live action Tomb Raider, however, nearly matches that number, coming in at only 90 minutes.

While Atlantis is receiving equally mixed reviews (running near 50/50 in critics who did and didn't like it), Tomb Raider is receiving a massive pounding from critics with nearly unanimous negative reviews.

Stay tuned to Digital Media FX Magazine throughout the weekend for box office updates for both Atlantis and the FX-filled Tomb Raider movie.

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> Track the Daily Box Office Results of Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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Atlantis to Get Video Sequel and TV Series
(by Opening today, Atlantis: The Lost Empire has a long way to go before its box office success is known, but that hasn't stopped Disney from starting work on a direct to video sequel to Atlantis and an animated TV series.

According to MSNBC, "Disney feature animation chief Tom Schumacher says he is more focused on the film’s profitability and long-term value — which will involve a video sequel and TV show — than how it stacks up against Tomb Raider this weekend."

Disney is already hard at work on the TV show as a follow-up to Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The animated series, called Team Atlantis, already has several episodes in production. Disney plans on making an official announcement in the near future.

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A.I. Soundtrack to Hit Store Shelves on July 3, 2001
(edited press release) On July 3, Warner Bros. Records will release the accompanying soundtrack to Steven Spielberg's new film, A.I. Artificial Intelligence. The soundtrack, which was composed, conducted and produced by the multi-Academy Award winner John Williams, also features a duet by Columbia recording artist Lara Fabian and Warner Bros. recording artist Josh Groban.

John Williams has collaborated with Steven Spielberg on almost all of the director's grandiose epics since the two first met in 1974. From the ominous urgency of "Main Theme and First Victim" heard in Jaws, to the score of the Indiana Jones trilogy, this duo has collaborated on many well-known films, including Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., Jurassic Park, and Schindler's List.

Now the two have reteamed for Warner Bros. Pictures/DreamWorks production A.I. The story, written by Spielberg and originated by Stanley Kubrick, follows the journey of a robotic boy, David (the first mechanical being programmed to love), on his search to find acceptance in a world where the line between human and robot is both terrifyingly vast and profoundly thin. The soundtrack underscores David's journey from his adopted home to the decadent brilliance and wonderment of "Rouge City" and beyond.

Multi-Grammy winner David Foster also contributes to the A.I. soundtrack with the song "For Always," which was produced and arranged by Foster and performed by Lara Fabian (of 2000's summer hit, "I Will Love Again") and wunderkind Josh Groban.

Industrial metal band Ministry does not appear on the A.I. soundtrack, but the group does make an appearance in the film. The band members demonstrate their acting talents as a futuristic rock-metal group in the "Flesh Fair" sequence and perform their new song, "What About Us?"

Although the song is not included on the film's soundtrack, it can be found on "Ministry's Greatest Fits," which will be released by Warner Bros. Records on June 19, 2001.

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News Link of the Day - Hampster Dancing into Other Venues

According to USA Today:

"If you thought the HampsterDance phenomenon had played itself out, brace yourself -- because Hampton the Hamster and his animated friends are about to be released as toys, albums and even an animated TV show for kids…"

Click here for the full story.

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