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Thursday - June 28, 2001
- Shrek Passes $218 Million
- SIGGRAPH to Recognize Graphic Artists
- Shrek Opens in the U.K. Tomorrow
- News Link of the Day - Two Views of Animation Facing Off

ShrekShrek Passes $218 Million
(by Shrek continues to perform strongly, bringing in more than $218 million to date and moving into the #3 slot for the highest grossing animated films (not adjusted for inflation). Since opening domestically on May 18, 2001, Shrek has never made below $1 million on an given day and has consistently had the lowest weekend-to-weekend drop of any film.

There are rumors that DreamWorks will soon pull Shrek from theaters then rerelease it again in November into theaters against Monsters, Inc. and Warner Bros. Harry Potter movie. DreamWorks has neither confirmed nor denied these reports.

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SIGGRAPH to Recognize Graphic Artists
(by SIGGRAPH has announced the winners of its three major graphic awards that will be presented at SIGGRAPH 2001 from August 12 - 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Here are the winners:

Steven A. Coons Award for Outstanding Creative Contributions to Computer Graphics
Being presented to Lance Williams who is being recognized for his fundamental and far reaching technical ideas, his pioneering artistic contributions to the field, and his generous and unflagging mentorship to many of the leading lights in computer graphics research today.

"Through his ideas, his artistry, and his humanity, Lance Williams has made a lasting impact on computer graphics, both as a discipline and as a community," said Ed Catmull, ACM SIGGRAPH Awards Chair. "We hope that by awarding him the highest honor ACM SIGGRAPH can bestow, William's song will finally be sung."

Computer Graphics Achievement Award
Being presented to Andrew Witkin whose papers on active contours (snakes) and deformable models, variational modeling, scale-space filtering, space time constraints, and dynamic simulation are considered landmarks that have been inspirational to others and have shaped the field in such different areas as image analysis, surface modeling, and animation.

Significant New Researcher Award
Being presented to Paul Debevec to recognize his recent creative and innovative work in the field of image-based modeling and rendering. Debevec's series of papers, movies, and accomplishments have been a major highlight of recent SIGGRAPH conferences. In the spirit of the very best computer graphics researchers, he has combined his technical and research interests with his artistic sensibilities.

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Shrek Opens in the UK Tomorrow
(by While U.S. audiences anticipate the release of A.I. tomorrow, the UK will be seeing Shrek for the first time. Shrek should have no problem finishing first for the weekend as Shrek has received a lot of publicity in the UK over its record-breaking performance in the U.S., being established as the film to beat this year at the U.S. box office.

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News Link of the Day - Two Views of Animation Facing Off

According to CNN:

"If you're a fan of animated films, this summer could be the Golden Age of the art form, a convergence of old and new, art and technology.

One style of animation -- two-dimensional hand-drawn -- could be heading the way of the dinosaur, but it's still raking in bucks at the box office with films such as Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

And another style -- three-dimensional computer animation -- has a new box office hero in Shrek…"

Click here for the full story.

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