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March 2001 News Archive

Thursday - March 1, 2001
- Disney Characters to Have Their Own Drinks
- Chicken Run Wins Animal Rights Award
- There's an Animated Elephant in my Bathroom
- News Link of the Day - Animated Series Are Tedious and Twisted

Friday - March 2, 2001
- Disney Merchandising Extends to Checks
- Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts Opens at USC School of Cinema
- Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal
- News Link of the Day - Hundred Acre Wood Comes to Virtual Life

Saturday - March 3, 2001
- A Look at PG Rated Animated Film Challenges
- Shrek Given PG Rating by MPAA
- A Look at Final Fantasy X
- News Link of the Day - High-Tech Oscars Go the Distance

Sunday - March 4, 2001
- Digital Media FX Magazine to Premiere Tomorrow
- 22 Films Reached Blockbuster Status in 2000
- Lucas and Spielberg: Actors Here to Stay
- News Link of the Day - Milne Widow Misses Out on Pooh's £240m Honeypot

Monday - March 5, 2001
- Digital Media FX Brings Power of Imagination to Life
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- A Challenge to the WB - "Marketing Iron Giant Special Edition!"
- News Link of the Day - When Disney Met Dali

Tuesday - March 6, 2001
- Press View 20 Minutes of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
- Miramax Films Nabs Avalon
- More Insights into Live Action Scooby-Doo Movie
- News Link of the Day - Novels With Interactive Animation

Wednesday - March 7, 2001
- Peter Pan Sequel to Hit Movie Theaters in 2002
- Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventures Sales Skyrocket
- Welder Killed on the Set of Spiderman
- News Link of the Day - Animated Film is a Visual Disappointment

Thursday - March 8, 2001
- Changes Coming to Cartoon Network After Merger
- Disney's Recess: School's Out Tops $27 Million
- Nintendo GameCube System to Hit U.S. Shores in September
- News Link of the Day - Aloha Shirts, Cartoons Fair Game for Cultural Studies

Friday - March 9, 2001
- Two New Animated Series Coming to ABC
- Celebrity Death Match: The Video Game
- Shrek Screening: Movie Very "Adult" in Content
- News Link of the Day - 'Land of the Mammoth' a Wild, Woolly Ice Age Adventure

Saturday - March 10, 2001
- LA Times: "Scale Down Animated Bad Guys"
- Katzenberg - "Shrek is State of the Art"
- Warner Bros. Stands Behind Pokemon Franchise
- News Link of the Day - Not So Hip Chick Spoils CyberWorld

Sunday - March 11, 2001
- Dennis the Menace Turns 50
- Batman: The Special Edition
- WB Brings Two X-Men Animated Titles to Video
- News Link of the Day - A Real Cutup

Monday - March 12, 2001
- Osmosis Jones Given PG-13 Rating
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Casper to Get a New Home
- News Link of the Day - CTV Cartoon Series a Poor Second Choice

Tuesday - March 13, 2001
- The Muppets May be Acquired
- Sony Begins Work on Playstation 3 Console
- Big Idea to Release Animated Feature in 2002
- News Link of the Day - Robotic Dinosaur Draws Monster Crowds

Wednesday - March 14, 2001
- FX Miniseries Experiences Low Ratings
- Digital Effects and Animation Technology Curriculum
- New Digital Media FX Newsletter Launches Tomorrow
- News Link of the Day - Disney Settles Fantasia Claim

Thursday - March 15, 2001
- New Aladdin Adventure Premieres as Video Game
- Animated Soundtrack Release Schedule
- New Animated Series Coming to FOX Kids
- News Link of the Day - The Trials of a Comic Book Hero

Friday - March 16, 2001
- 1925's The Lost World Coming to Video on April 3
- CINAR Appoints New Supervising Producer of Animation
- Details on Mr. Bean Cartoon Series
- News Link of the Day - Nintendo Unveils Next Generation Game Boy

Saturday - March 17, 2001
- IMAX to Develop New Projectors
- Harry Potter Trailer to Screen in UK and Ireland Theaters
- The Outer Limits Receives a Face Lift
- News Link of the Day - Shrinking Machine

Sunday - March 18, 2001
- PBS Extends Clifford the Big Red Dog Contract
- Toonami Ratings Increase
- Daytime Emmy Award Nominations Announced (Animation/FX)
- News Link of the Day - Nintendo Expands to Mature Audiences

Monday - March 19, 2001
- The Matrix: Battle of the FX Companies
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Pokemon 3: WB to Give Away Trading Cards
- News Link of the Day - Pinocchio Voice Actor to Receive Buffalo Bill Award

Tuesday - March 20, 2001
- Duke Nukem Video Game to Become Movie
- Antz Movie to Become Another Video Game
- Box Office Report: Animated Films
- News Link of the Day - Pixar Whizzes Earn Overdue Tech Oscar

Wednesday - March 21, 2001
- Warner Bros. Drops the Ball on Superman Rerelease
- New President of Warner Bros. Animation Announced
- SGI: "We Power Best Visual Effects Nominees"
- News Link of the Day - Animated Characters' Life-Changing Applications

Thursday - March 22, 2001
- Columbia TriStar to Sneak Animated Film into Theaters May 11
- Ohh Nooo!!! Mr. Bill Library Acquired - Coming to Home Video
- Two Disney Animated Movies Make Top 10 in DVD Sales
- News Link of the Day - Disney to Bow Pearl Harbor on Location

Friday - March 23, 2001
- William Hanna Passes Away
- Disney's Atlantis Receives a "PG" Rating
- Frank and Ollie Win "Friz" Award
- News Link of the Day - Cartoon Pioneer William Hanna Dead at 90

Saturday - March 24, 2001
- Saying Good-bye to William Hanna
- Ub Iwerks: 100 Years Later
- Chicken Run: Biggest Marketing Budget of 2000
- News Link of the Day - Famous Animator William Hanna Dies at 90

Sunday - March 25, 2001
- Disney Readies Atlantis: The Lost Empire
- Digital Media FX Opens "Trailer Watch"
- Interactive Achievement Award Winners
- News Link of the Day - It's Toons Day and Night

Monday - March 26, 2001
- And the Winner Is...
- Release Charts: Animated, FX, and Anime DVDs
- Voice of Casper and Gumby Passes Away
- News Link of the Day - Norma Macmillan, Voice of Casper and Gumby, Dead

Tuesday - March 27, 2001
- Whitey & Davey Animated Movie Receives Name Change
- Critics: Gladiator Not Deserving of Best Visual Effects Oscar
- Animo Assists "Father and Daughter"
- News Link of the Day - Ads Add POW! With Special Effects

Wednesday - March 28, 2001
- Criticism Continues Over Best Visual Effects Oscar Choice
- Zeros & Ones Studios Opens Digital Animation Division
- Disney Layoffs Could Hit Animation Division
- News Link of the Day - Special FX Spell Success

Thursday - March 29, 2001
- John Lasseter Given 10 Year Contract With Pixar
- Private Memorial Service to be Held for William Hanna
- The Miracle Maker to Air on ABC
- News Link of the Day - Bill Hanna, a Yabba-Dabba-Do Guy

Friday - March 30, 2001
- IMAX Troubles Continue - Can Animation Save It?
- Warner Bros. Release The Matrix 2 & 3 Filming Details
- Disney to Show Select Animation Shorts at the El Capitan
- News Link of the Day - Human Touch a Bit Too Realistic for Animated Shrek

Saturday - March 31, 2001
- Katzenberg Versus Disney Back in the News
- Sega and Microsoft Form X-Box Alliance
- New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
- News Link of the Day - A Tale of Two Studios

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