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Monday - November 12, 2001
- Xbox Launches on Thursday
- Harry Potter Has Smashing Sneak Peek in UK
- Release Charts: Animated, Anime, and FX DVDs
- News Link of the Day - Walking With Beasts Blurs Facts with Fiction

XboxXbox Launches on Thursday
(by Microsoft's official entry into the video game console business takes place this Thursday, November 15, with the launch of Xbox. Over 1 million units are expected to be shipped and sold between now and New Years Day.

"Enthusiasm for Xbox is really taking off," says Wayne Yodzio, vice president of Toys 'R' Us. "Microsoft is delivering what it takes to make this a great holiday season for us - namely a great lineup of Xbox games, a rapid replenishment plan that will keep our shelves filled with Xbox systems every week, and quantities for the holiday season that will translate the excitement about Xbox into strong sales."

One of the anticipated games that will be on store shelves for the Xbox this week is Shrek. The game tries to capture the irreverent humor from the movie while allowing players to explore new worlds with Shrek characters. The video game was created by Digital Illusion Canada and is distributed by TDK.

"Developing this impressive video game based on a blockbuster such as Shrek and having a top-line video game available for Microsoft's Xbox launch plans really demonstrates the talent and capabilities of TDK Mediactive," says Michael G. Gardner, CFA, Managing Director and Head of Capital Markets at Wedbush Morgan Securities. "TDK Mediactive, the development team, and DreamWorks have created a fun and unique game with broad market appeal. We believe Shrek will be a top-selling title for the Xbox."

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Harry Potter Has Smashing Sneak Peek in UK
(by There was a sneak peek of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in UK theaters over the weekend as the Saturday night preview smashed all past preview records by bringing in an estimated $5 million for one showing at 480 theaters. It easily skyrocketed past the sneak peek record for the UK that had been held by The Phantom Menace over a two-day sneak peek period before it was released in theaters.

The sneak peek is expected to be a small taste of what this coming weekend will be like when the movie opens nationally and in the UK. Pre-ticket sales have been the highest ever for any movie as the FX-heavy Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is set to open in a record number of theaters and on a record number of screens this Friday. Early reviews are very positive.

Click here if you missed the Harry Potter pictures from yesterday's Digital Media FX Update.

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Release Charts: Animated, Anime, and FX DVDs
(by Here are new animated, FX, and anime DVDs hitting store shelves tomorrow.

Tomb Raider (2001 - FX)
Dragon Ball Z - Frieza - Eleventh Hour (anime)
Legend of the Dragon Kings - Under Fire (anime)
Osmosis Jones (2001 - animation)

If you haven't yet ordered the Snow White DVD (availability will be limited), click here.

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News Link of the Day - Walking With Beasts Blurs Facts with Fiction

According to The Observer:

"...Yet many scenes have infuriated academics who believe Walking with Beasts contains dangerous distortions. 'We are turning science into a sort feeder industry for Jurassic Park,' said British palaeontologist Professor Michael Coates, now based at Chicago University. 'We are trivialising it and making claims for which there is no evidence.'..."

Click here for the full story.

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