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Wednesday - November 14, 2001
- DreamWorks Finally Releasing Score for Shrek
- Harry Potter Gets Some Negative Reviews
- New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
- News Link of the Day - The Beasts Come Alive

DreamWorks Finally Releasing Score for Shrek
(by DreamWorks is finally releasing the background score for its hit movie Shrek after disappointing fans of the animated movie with a songs-only CD in which not all the songs were in the same format as used in the film. As Digital Media FX reported several months ago, DreamWorks had been working on the score CD for release during the summer, but altered the plans and pushed the release date to December 4, 2001. The score CD is called, "More Music From Shrek." The CD can be preordered from by clicking here.

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Harry Potter Gets Some Negative Reviews
(by While critical acclaim for the new Harry Potter movie continues in the UK, some US critics are now coming through with negative reviews of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, being released on Friday. Here are a few quotes:

David Ansen of Newsweek - "...There are good reasons why filmmakers think it necessary to reshape the books that inspire them. Columbus’s Harry Potter has many delights, but the magical alchemy that the book seemed to achieve so effortlessly eludes it. The movie gets most of the book’s events in, but loses much of the lightness and charm of Rowling’s vision. It’s is often shot in a drab and muddy manner, a surprise from a cinematographer as gifted as John Seale."

Anthony Lane of The New Yorker - "..Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone can hardly fail to lure the crowd, as the books have drawn their millions of readers; but, unlike the fiction, it leaves no aftertaste—no sense of anything truly momentous being at stake. The tests that Harry undergoes are fun to observe, but they remain just that, whereas Rowling devised them as the trials, however comically disguised, of a young soul, confronted with the call to grow up..."

J. Hoberman of The Village Voice - "...Solid but uninspired, Harry lacks brio. It's respectable and a bit dull. I can't say it made me yearn for my own sense of childhood wonder, but speaking as an adult, it did stir up some suppressed memories. I never thought I'd feel nostalgic for the coercive go-go vulgarity of Raiders of the Lost Ark or The Empire Strikes Back."

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New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
(by A new edition of the dFX Animation and Visual Effects Newsletter will be emailed tomorrow to those subscribed. This edition mentions an interesting fact about how Monsters, Inc. was originally supposed to be and provides a new exclusive sneak peek to newsletter readers.

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News Link of the Day - The Beasts Come Alive

According to the BBC:

"...This week, TV viewers in the UK will be able to see such bizarre creatures as these, and many others, resurrected in the first episode of the BBC's Walking With Beasts series, thanks to advanced computer-animation technology.

The programmes, which were two years in the making and cost £7m, pick up the story where the hit series Walking With Dinosaurs left off..."

Click here for the full story.

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