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Tuesday - November 27, 2001
- What is the Animatrix?
- Sega Announces Top Holiday Games
- Final Weekend Box Office Numbers - Animated & FX Films
- News Link of the Day - Richard Protovin

What is the Animatrix?
(by Are you ready for the Animatrix? The Matrix producer Joel Silver is moving full steam ahead with a series of anime productions based on The Matrix. He's recruited some of Japans leading directors and animators to help.

"We're planning a series of animated short subjects that will kind of take the world from the world we're in today to the world of the Matrix and how we got there," says Silver. "We have assembled a team of unbelievably talented and renowned Japanese animation directors and artists to create a series of short films that will be accessible either on the Internet or eventually on DVD."

You can see drawings for the new Matrix anime productions on The Matrix Revisited DVD. The DVD also contains interview quotes from Japanese artists and directors involved with the anime productions.

"We're intending to put the animes out on a regular basis," says Silver. When can you expect the first set? Fall 2002.

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Sega Announces Top Holiday Games
(by Sega has outlined what its top holiday games are, stating that it now has games on every console (including Xbox and GameCube). Sega got out of the console business earlier this year, discontinuing production on its Dreamcast. Dreamcasts now sell for $49.95. Sega has put its full weight behind software production for other consoles. Here is its list of what the company says will be its top games on sale this holiday season (many on sale now). Descriptions are provided by Sega:

Super Monkey Ball (Nintendo GameCube) -- It's monkey madness as players tilt the world to maneuver a cute monkey in a clear ball through more than 90 colorful action-puzzle boards. Sega's first game for a new next-generation video game console, "Super Monkey Ball" has frantic four-player action and six mini/party games to extend the fun. This eye-popping party game is available now on Nintendo GameCube and is rated "E" for everyone.

Sega Sports NBA 2K2 (Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox and Nintendo GameCube) -- Back the competition down and get above the rim this holiday season with the third installment in this chart-topping basketball simulation series. Packed with jaw-droppin' fakes, killer crossovers, explosive new dunks and smarter Artificial Intelligence, gamers can hit both the arena and street courts playing "NBA 2K2." Rated "E" for everyone, "NBA 2K2" is available now on Sega Dreamcast, and will release in early 2002 for PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, and in spring 2002 for Nintendo GameCube.

Sega Sports NFL 2K2 (Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2 and Xbox) -- Huddle up this holiday season with this next-generation football simulation game, third in the 2K series. With true-to-life QB logic, authentic player physics, new gameplay animations and a dramatic TV-style presentation, gamers can hit the gridiron like never before with "NFL 2K2." Rated "E" for everyone, "NFL 2K2" is available now on PlayStation 2 and Sega Dreamcast, and will ship in early 2002 for the Xbox.

JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox) -- Strap on your rocket powered skates and hit comic book-style streets this winter. The sequel to last year's groundbreaking "Jet Grind Radio," "JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future" offers multi-player action that lets you reach new heights, performing astounding stunts to underground music with extreme action and style. "JSRF-Jet Set Radio Future" is scheduled to ship in February -- rating pending.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (Nintendo GameCube) -- The gaming world's fastest blue "trailblazer" is back, and he's jumping to Nintendo GameCube! Sonic The Hedgehog(R), always known for his attitude and speed, is showing off his incredible 10-year endurance with the launch of "Sonic Adventure 2: Battle." The game shows off intense new graphics and gripping battle elements, amplifying the action ten-fold. Building on the success of "Sonic Adventure 2" (available now on Sega Dreamcast), Sonic's debut on Nintendo GameCube is sure to thrill fans everywhere. Shipping in early 2002, this game is rated "E" for everyone.

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Final Weekend Box Office Numbers - FX & Animation Films
(by Final weekend box office numbers are in and here are the results for the top animated and visual effects movies:



Weekend Total


Overall Total

Harry Potter

# 1

$57.5 Million


$187.0 Million

Monsters, Inc.

# 2

$24.1 Million

6% gain

$192.2 Million

Waking Life # 24 $211,099 -10% $001.8 Million
Planet of the Apes # 32 $112,681 43% gain $179.2 Million
Jurassic Park 3 # 36 $89,360 -11% $181.0 Million


# 37


38% gain

$267.6 Million

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

# 53



$084.0 Million

Pearl Harbor has concluded its Box Office run with a final box office take of $198.6 million.

The gain/loss represents the movie's performance when compared to last weekend.

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News Link of the Day - Richard Protovin

According to TBO:

"A Pinellas County resident who achieved major recognition for his paintings and short animation films, Richard Protovin died in 1991 at age 46.

His work is collected by New York's Museum of Modern Art and the National Film Preservation Foundation, and this concise, delightful show easily demonstrates why..."

Click here for the full story.

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