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Saturday - September 8, 2001
- A Bug's Life to Air in HDTV Format on September 23, 2001
- Friday Box Office Results
- Pixar and Disney Movies Coming to Your Computer Screen
- News Link of the Day - Giant Screen Theaters Will Debut in January

A Bug's Life to Air in HDTV Format on September 23, 2001
(by Pixar's A Bug's Life will air in HDTV on ABC's The Wonderful World of Disney on September 23, 2001 from 7-9pm.

A Bug's Life tells the story of Flik (Dave Foley), the smartest ant in his colony. Flik invents a device to harvest grain faster so the colony can build a mountain of food as an offering to a tyrannical band of grasshoppers. Unfortunately Flik spills the offering and Hopper (two-time Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey), the leader of the grasshoppers, makes his great displeasure known - and promises grave consequences if the offering is not restored.

A Bug's Life

Flik apologizes to the Queen (Phyllis Diller) and is encouraged by Princess Atta (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Emmy Award-winner for "Seinfeld") and Mr. Soil (Roddy McDowall), then sets out on a journey with a plan to hire mercenaries to defend the colony against the grasshoppers. Alas, the nine bugs he hires - believing they are fierce warriors -- are actually discontented flea-circus performers.

Randy Newman, who has received 10 Oscar nominations in music categories since 1985, was nominated in 1999 for his music for A Bug's Life, Pleasantville, and Babe: Pig in the City.

The 1998 animated film was directed by John Lasseter (Toy Story, Toy Story 2) and Andrew Stanton (Monsters, Inc., Toy Story, Toy Story 2) from a story by Lasseter, Stanton, Joe Ranft, Don McEnery (Hercules) and Bob Shaw (Hercules). The film is a production Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Productions.

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Friday's Box Office Results
(by There were no major animated or visual effects films in the top 10 on Friday although The Musketeer, which came in first, does have a few visual effect scenes.

Here are Friday's Top 5 Movies

1. The Musketeer - $3.5 Million
2. Two Can Play That Game - $2.7 Million
3. Rock Star - $2.0 Million
4. Jeepers Creepers - $1.9 Million
5. The Others - $1.6 Million

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Pixar and Disney Movies Coming to Your Computer Screen
(by Disney and Fox have reached an agreement to begin broadcasting select films over the Internet beginning next year. Certain movies like Star Wars and Toy Story will be amongst the first available through the new pay-per-view Internet movie service. Both Disney and Fox will also air newer movies through the service prior to them being shown on television.

Disney and Fox were encouraged to join a similar service agreed upon by Sony, Universal, MGM, Paramount and Warner Bros. Both studios declined, however, deciding upon their own service.

Under the other studios plans, people will be able to dowload movies to their hard drive for a period of 30 days for a cost of less than $5 per movie. The new services are expected to be a direct threat to video store chains like Blockbuster.

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News Link of the Day - Giant Screen Theaters Will Debut in January

According to Entertainment News Daily:

"Edwards Theatres Circuit Inc. will debut its new large-format screen theaters in Valencia and two other Southern California locations in January with some help from a Disney animation classic.

The launch of Edwards Giant Screen Theatres will showcase an enhanced version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast..."

Click here for the full story.

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