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Wednesday - September 12, 2001
Due to the massive terrorist attack against the United States yesterday and out of a respectful silence for the thousands of people killed, Digital Media FX will not be updated today. Normal updates will resume on Thursday, September 13, 2001.

The prayers, thoughts, and wishes of the Digital Media FX community (users, readers, visitors, forum posters, etc.) are with the families and friends of those that needlessly perished yesterday, including the heroes trying to rescue innocent people from the World Trade Center when it collapsed.


Forum discussion: The Attack on America

News Coverage of Attack: Click Here

Select Quotes from The Attack on America Thread:

"...I never thought I would actually see this happen. This is like something you see only see in the movies, but it's real, and it's happening now. It's amazing to see when these terroists put themselves ahead of the rest of the world. For the glory of it all or what not, it's never any excuse in sacrificing innocent lives in the process..." - Mike2D

"It's hard to know what to say at times like this, other than our thoughts and (if you're inclined) prayers are with those who lost their lives and those who lost loved ones in these senseless attacks..." - Penanimate

"This definatley is the Most Shocking and Disturbing thing to happen to America in My Life time. The Images that I have seen today will remain with us forever." - *acme*

"...I started watching the news just after the second plane hit. The pictures of the buildings burning were horrific. It seems especially incredible because the Word Trade Center is so well known, everyone knows what it looks like... All the newscasters sounded frantic. It really felt like living a nightmare..." - Samus Aran

"It's also hard for me to describe how I felt when I learned of the horrendous incidents that occured in America today, but I can say that I did cry at some point after realising how many innocent people lost their lives today. I almost couldn't believe my eyes..." - D.E.E.P.

"I'm speechless. I started watching the news this morning before heading out to school, and hurried back as soon as I was done. The footage of the plane colliding into the WTC tower is horrifying. I have an Aunt who works at the WTC that I haven't heard from yet, and I pray for all those who were involved in this incident." - Sketchy Lefty

"...These attacks were in our back yard. I have hung my flag at half mast in front of my house. I have spent hours in morning watching the events unfold on television. My sincere and heart felt simpathy goes out to those families and friends who have lost people close to them in this act of madmen..." - Alphawolf

"...I can only imagine that this must be what Pearl Harbor was like for americans. Who ever thought we would see something like this in our lifetime? Earlier on the news they were saying that the greatest number of american lives lost in a single day occured during the Civil War (forget which battle), but that this has the potential to surpass that..." - Slim Shinji

"I'm still in a state of shock over this..." - Lomax

"I am almost literally sick over today's mindless incidents - I cannot express in words how I feel..." - Joe Tracy

"...Surreal and scary. If this had been a screenplay, it would be dismissed as absurd..." - Galvatron

"I cried when I saw these images, when I saw all these innocent people trapped in the towers of the World Trade Center. There were images of people waving from the top of the building for help, jumping from the top floors... it was horrifying. I haven't seen anything like that in my entire life..." - Martin


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