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Thursday - September 20, 2001
- Sundance Channel Tackles Music Video Animation
- Microsoft Backs Off From Original Xbox Estimates
- Spider-Man Lawsuit Filed
- News Link of the Day - Lara Croft Firm Turns the Corner

Sundance Channel Tackles Music Video Animation
(by Cable's The Sundance Channel is tackling the subject of animation in music videos for a special that premieres October 19 at 11pm. "Sonic Cinema: Animators" delves into the ever-expanding universe of animated music video with each presentation representing a different style of animation, from Japanese anime and computer animation to pen-and-ink and puppetry. Highlights include the entertaining "Clint Eastwood" and "19-2000" by Jamie Hewlitt for his animated band Gorillaz.

Toei Animation Studios (creators of the anime character Sailor Moon as well as the film and television series "Captain Harlock") weigh in with the space-age sagas "One More Time" and "Aeordynamic" for electronica wizards Daft Punk, while Tomas Apodaca creates a memorable journey for the soulful green hero of Quasimoto's alternative hip-hop anthem "Come On Feet."

Here is the lineup:

Premieres October 19th at 11:00 p.m. EST/PST

Artist Title of Song Director
Gorillaz "Clint Eastwood" Jamie Hewlett
Gorillaz "19-2000" Jamie Hewlett
King Biscuit Time "I Walk the Earth" Tim Hope
Short Film "The Wolfman" Tim Hope
Daft Punk "One More Time" Toei Animation
Daft Punk "Aerodynamic Toei Animation
Short Film "Hotspot" Mark Brierly
Short Film "Can't Drag Race with Jesus" Bill Plypton
Clinic "Second Line" Unit 9
Quasimoto "Come on Feet" Tomas Apodaca

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Microsoft Backs Off From Original Xbox Estimates
(by Microsoft says that the Xbox is on schedule for a November 8 release, but is now refusing to provide the number of units that will be available on launch day citing that they have to wait until the height of production to determine such numbers. Prior, Microsoft had announced that 600,000 - 800,000 units would ship, helping it avoid the problems Sony faced when Playstation 2 shipped with lower than expected units available. Now Microsoft faces the same problem as it seeks to stay ahead of Nintendo's GameCube launch on November 18, 2001. GameCube has already launched in Japan.

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Spider-Man Lawsuit Filed
(by Columbia Pictures and Ingersoll-Rand are being sued by the widow of a man killed on the set of Spiderman on March 6, 2001. The suit is considered a "wrongful death" lawsuit after a forklift, transformed into a crane, fell onto the man, Tim Holcombe, who was welding on a 1930 New York building set for the movie. The amount of the lawsuit has not been disclosed. Ingersoll-Rand is the equipment manufacturer.

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News Link of the Day - Lara Croft Firm Turns the Corner

According to the BBC:

"Eidos, the British computer games firm that dreamt up Lara Croft, has reported better-than-expected results, but warned that sales might be hit by the after-effects of the US attacks..."

Click here for the full story.

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