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Friday - September 21, 2001
- Family Guy Creator Scheduled for Doomed Flight
- Enterprise Premieres on Wednesday
- The Animated Christmas Carol
- News Link of the Day - Disney Puts Emphasis on Gaming

Family Guy Creator Scheduled for Doomed Flight
(by The creator of the animated "Family Guy" series, Seth MacFarlane, was booked on one of the American Airline flights (flight 11) that was flown into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. MacFarlane, headed from Boston to Los Angeles, arrived late to the airport, just after the plane had finished boarding. He told USA Today that he was completely shocked to find out the plane was hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center.

"I just sort of stared at the screen and said, 'Oh, my God,'" he told USA Today. MacFarlane ended up driving.

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Enterprise Premieres on Wednesday
(by A new era of the Star Trek saga begins on Wednesday with the 2-hour premiere of Enterprise. Enterprise takes place before all past series at a time that the alliance is first formed and new technologies like teleportation are created.

Date of Airing: Wednesday, September 26, at 8PM (EST/PST) on UPN
Trailer: Click here
2nd Trailer: Click here
Captain Trailer: Click here

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The Animated Christmas Carol
(by Many Hollywood stars like Kate Winslet and Nicholas Cage have been contributing their voices to an animated feature that few have heard about - Christmas Carol: The Movie. The movie is directed by Jimmy Murakami and produced by Iain Harvey. There are a few live action scenes mixed in with the movie.

There are no details about distribution within the U.S. but the movie is having a premiere showing this weekend in London. Here are a few shots from the movie:

Christmas Carol

Christmas Carol

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News Link of the Day - Disney Puts Emphasis on Gaming

According to CNET:

"Walt Disney has created a business unit focused on the interactive gaming market as it rewrites its corporate blueprint for working with technology.

With its Buena Vista Game Entertainment Studio, Disney is aiming to change the way people play online and video games..."

Click here for the full story.

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