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Wednesday - September 26, 2001
- Enhanced Dragon's Lair CD in Production
- Jurassic Park 3 Collector's Edition DVD Info
- Final Weekend Box Office Numbers
- News Link of the Day - Eisner Hopes for a Fairy Tale Ending at His Magic Kingdom

Enhanced Dragon's Lair CD in Production
(by Don Bluth's popular Dragon's Lair game is being rereleased to CD-ROM on October 3 with enhancements and new features. The development of the CD-ROM is being handled by Digital Leisure and promises to include, "original arcade features never before included."

Features include:

- the original scoring scheme

- arcade circuitry control through software dip switches

- multiple levels of difficulty

- total scene authentication.

Also included are numerous extras such as the "watch" feature, which enables owners to relax and enjoy the vibrant animation. Owners can also gain unique insight and perspective on the game's history through historical interviews with the game's creators, which are also accessible through the watch feature.

"Digital Leisure is doing a spectacular job in allowing everyone to play the Dragon's Lair as they loved it in the arcades," said Dragon's Lair co-creator Don Bluth. "Its so nice to see that it has such a special place in people's hearts around the world!"

Dragon's Lair is one of three video games on display in the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, along with Pong and Pac Man. It is known as one of the most influential games in video game history

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Jurassic Park 3 Collector's Edition DVD Info
Jurassic Park 3(by Jurassic Park 3 is coming to DVD on December 11, 2001. There will be a special Collector's Edition DVD that will include over 10 hours of bonus material including a detailed behind the scenes look at the creation of the movie.

The Jurassic Park 3 Collector’s Edition DVD, available in both widescreen and full frame versions, will be priced at $26.98 suggested retail and the VHS, at $22.98 SRP. In addition, a 4-disc "Jurassic Park Trilogy Collection" which includes Jurassic Park, The Lost World, Jurassic Park 3, and an exclusive bonus disc, "Beyond Jurassic Park," will be priced at $75.98.

As a special incentive, consumers who purchase Jurassic Park 3 on DVD before December 31, 2001 may take advantage of a mail-in offer to receive a second Universal Studios Home Video title for free (excluding $2.25 for shipping & handling). Consumers may select their free DVD from one of the following titles:

The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, Bowfinger, Dragonheart Collector's Edition, EDtv Collector's Edition, The Hurricane Collector's Edition, The Jackal Collector's Edition, Man on the Moon, Mercury Rising, Mystery Men, October Sky, Primary Colors, Psycho (1998) Collector's Edition, The Skulls Collector's Edition, The Story of Us, Virus and The Watcher.

Extras include:

The Making of Jurassic Park 3 — A look at the making of the film featuring the filmmakers, cast, and crew.

The New Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park 3 — An examination of the pre-historic creatures featured in the film and a visit to the Montana dinosaur dig site hosted by paleontologist Jack Horner.

Feature Commentary — Running audio-commentary by the team responsible for the film’s special effects.

A Guided Tour of the Stan Winston Studio — A montage of the steps involved in the building of the film’s creatures.

A Visit to ILM — Follow the evolution of the film’s CGI work, including the groundbreaking skin and muscle simulation. Witness the 20 different stages in a rare step-by-step look at the computer graphics created by ILM.

Dinosaur Turntable — A spectacular three-dimensional look at the 12 dinosaurs created for the film.

Storyboards, production drawings, and games.

Click here for preorder information on the widescreen collector's DVD.
Click here for preorder information on the full screen collector's DVD.

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Final Weekend Box Office Numbers
(by Final weekend box office numbers are in and here are the results for the top animated and visual effects movies:



Weekend Total


Overall Total

Planet of the Apes # 19 $662,939 -29% $177.2 Million


# 20


65% gain

$264.7 Million

Jurassic Park 3 # 23 $639,470 -14% $178.8 Million
Cats & Dogs # 32 $253,473 168% gain $92.5 Million

Dr. Doolittle 2

# 34



$112.4 Million

Pearl Harbor

# 38


13% gain

$197.4 Million

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

# 44


2% gain

$82.9 Million

Osmosis Jones # 46 $93,714 -39% $13.5 Million
Spy Kids: Special Edition # 49 $83,255 -34% $112.7 Million

Tomb Raider

# 53



$131.1 Million

The Mummy Returns

# 57



$201.9 Million

A.I. is now out of theaters with a final take of just under $79 million, well below projections.

The gain/loss represents the movie's performance when compared to last weekend.

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News Link of the Day - Eisner Hopes for a Fairy Tale Ending at His Magic Kingdom

According to The UK Times:

"...For Eisner, Shrek was a humiliation. Not only was the film produced by DreamWorks, in a clear attempt to push Disney out of the animation market, but it also contained many personal jibes at Eisner. For example, Lord Farquaad, the diminutive villain of Shrek, fumes over remarks about his height in several scenes. This was interpreted as a riposte to Eisner, who famously dismissed Katzenberg as 'a little midget' during their legal dispute..."

Click here for the full story.

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