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Digital Media FX Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 7 - June 15, 2001

Table of Contents:

(1) Welcome Message
(2) Homer Simpson Slang Recognized by Dictionary
(3) Battlefield Earth: The Anime Series
(4) Press Slamming Disney Over Animation Layoffs
(5) Top News Stories of the Past Two Weeks
(6) Sneak Peek: A Feature, Interview, and Jim Hill's New Column
(7) dFX Quick Takes

Welcome Message
Welcome to another edition of the Digital Media FX (dFX) newsletter, covering the world of animation and visual effects. This newsletter is published on the 1st and 15th of each month with original animation/FX content, insider news, and sneak peeks at new dFX features.

This issue contains some interesting tidbits on the Disney animation layoffs, Battlefield Earth, and official recognition of Homer Simpson's most popular slang word - Doh! In addition you are being give THREE special sneak peeks - Jim Hill's new column, a new feature, and an interview with Shrek's Raman Hui. Enjoy! -- Joe Tracy

Homer Simpson Slang Recognized by Dictionary
(by The Oxford English Dictionary now officially recognizes the Homer Simpson slang "Doh" as an English word.

The dictionary officially describes the word "Doh" as "expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned or that one has just said or done something foolish, also implying that another person has said or done something foolish."

Battlefield Earth: The Anime Series
(by A 13-part anime series based on Battlefield Earth is underway, being produced by Japan's Pine Com International for worldwide distribution next year. Dan Haggerty, of "Grizzly Adams" television and motion picture fame, will be the voice of Terl for the English version of the series. Negotiations are taking place with Chow Yun Fat to possibly voice Terl for International versions of the series.

The role of Terl, the Psychlo security chief of Earth in L. Ron Hubbard's sweeping saga of alien conquest and human rebellion in the year 3000 A.D., was played by John Travolta in last year's theatrical adaptation of one of the most critically acclaimed science fiction novels of all time.

"Battlefield Earth is an action and character-charged story, magnified by a deadly battle of wits between Terl and the hero, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, with the entire Earth -- from Scotland to Africa to the Rocky Mountains - and the immense expanse of 19 galaxies as the ultimate battleground," says Javier Ruiz, senior vice president of Hollywood-based Author Services, which overseas all L. Ron Hubbard literary and theatrical rights. "The TV series will capture this with an explosion of anime color and graphic detail that will leave viewers simply hungry for more."

Press Slamming Disney Over Animation Layoffs
(by Disney animation layoffs and salary cuts are garnishing a lot of press attention, particularly in light of DreamWorks extraordinary success with the animated Shrek (PDI) and Chicken Run (Aardman).

In a lengthy story on June 15, the LA Times states, "The scaling back of the much-storied division, which comes as Disney is cutting 4,000 jobs in a company-wide belt tightening, has sparked anger among some longtime animators. They say Disney is no longer nurturing top talent the way its founder did and that the division that produced such classics as 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' and 'Peter Pan' is losing its way."

For those interested in what Disney animators make, the article also states, "In the last decade, journeymen animators saw their salaries jump from $1,500 a week to nearly $3,000."

You can view a full copy of the story, also published by the Orlando Sentinel, by clicking here.

Top News Stories of the Past Two Weeks
( Digital Media FX is updated 365 days a year including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If you don't visit daily you may have missed some important news. Here is a list of what we consider the top five news stories (in order of importance) of the past two weeks, including links to each story.

1. Hank Ketcham Passes Away at 81

2. Disney Set to Layoff 1,000 Employees (Including Animators)

3. Shrek Passes $175 Million

4. Atlantis to Get Video Sequel and TV Series

5. Study: Too Much Alcohol and Tobacco in Animated Features

Sneak Peek - A Feature, Interview, and Jim Hill's New Column
(by As a newsletter subscriber you are being granted an advance look at three new articles, which won't be available to non-subscribers for several more days.

Because this is a sneak peek, keep in mind that the material is not in finished form. You are being given an advance look, meaning that the articles are still being formatted (i.e. images are being added, grammar double-checked, print pages added, etc.).

Sneak Peek #1 - Noell Wolfgram Evans has prepared another excellent feature article - this one focusing on John Hubley. You can read the feature article by clicking here.

Sneak Peek #2 - Jim Hill tries to explain the quirky pleasures to be found when one watches the "VeggieTales" and "3-2-1 Penguins" video series. You can access the column by clicking here.

Sneak Peek #3 - Digital Media FX recently had the opportunity to interview Raman Hui about the Princess Fiona character in Shrek. You can read the interview by clicking here.

Remember that Sneak Peek material is not always in its final form. Many are still being formatted or having images added. Thus be sure to check back a few days after your original viewing to see the article/interview in its final form.

dFX Quick Takes

* Digital Media FX has opened a new area called Forum Insights, which republishes the best posts made at the dFX forums. The purpose of the area is to help readers quickly gain access to insightful information shared by others. You can visit the new section by clicking here.

* Digital Media FX makes it easy for you to track the daily box office results for Atlantis: The Lost Empire. For daily updates, simply click here.

* Digital Media FX has opened a new area called Artists. The purpose of the area is to begin archiving detailed information on every artist and animator within the business (an enormous task). To see examples or to submit information to be included in this new section, click here.

* Have you ever seen a maquette? Do you know what one is? Find out more by clicking here.

* Catch the latest interactive discussions at the Digital Media FX Forums - Your participation in the discussions is both welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you for being a part of the Digital Media FX team through your daily visits to I hope that you've enjoyed this edition of the Digital Media FX newsletter and I look forward to providing you with continued coverage of the animation and visual effects industries.

Best Wishes,

Joe Tracy, Publisher
Digital Media FX - The Power of Imagination

If you are not currently a subscriber to the Digital Media FX newsletter, then click here for your free subscription which is delivered on the 1st and 15th of every month.

All stories in this newsletter are ©Copyright 2001 by Joe Tracy / Digital Media FX and may not be reprinted in any form without the expressed written consent of Joe Tracy. To request such consent, click here, and provide details of which article you wish to republish and the Website location where it will be published. You will receive a response within 48 hours with whether your request has been accepted and, if so, the proper credit wording that must appear with the article.

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