Articles on Warner Bros. Delay of The Iron Giant Special Edition, an Animated Box Office Report,
Forum Debates, and a Sneak Peek at Jim Hill's New Column.

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Digital Media FX Newsletter
Vol. 1, No. 11 - August 15, 2001

Table of Contents:

(1) Welcome Message
(2) Warner Bros. Continues to Delay The Iron Giant Special Edition
(3) Animated Box Office Report
(4) Forum Debates
(5) Top News Stories of the Past Two Weeks
(6) Sneak Peek - Jim Hill: Shrek Shakes Up Toon Town

Welcome Message
Welcome to another edition of the Digital Media FX (dFX) newsletter, covering the world of animation and visual effects. This newsletter is published on or near the 1st and 15th of each month with original animation/FX content, insider news, and sneak peeks at new dFX features.

This issue contains stories on The Iron Giant Special Edition DVD, an animation box office report, and some interesting forum debates currently taking place. There's also a sneak peek of Jim Hill's newest column, Shrek Shakes Up Toon Town. Enjoy! -- Joe Tracy

Warner Bros. Continues to Delay The Iron Giant Special Edition
(by Warner Bros. continues to internally delay the release of the much-anticipated "The Iron Giant Special Edition DVD." The first unofficial release date was earlier this year, followed by a late July or early August release. Now the DVD has been moved to an "iffy" December release, according to a Digital Media FX reader who spoke with a Warner Bros. representative at the recent animation WACFEST.

Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce a release date for The Iron Giant Special Edition, even though it has had the main footage and special features completed since late Spring. To read about the special features, click here for a story from the March 15, 2001 dFX newsletter.

Animated Box Office Report
(by Here is a breakdown on how animated films have faired at the box office this summer. The below results are updated through August 16, 2001:

1. $259.9 Million - Shrek (DreamWorks/PDI)
2. $080.8 Million - Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Disney)
3. $031.6 Million - Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Square Pictures)
4. $007.7 Million - Osmosis Jones (Warner Bros.)

Shrek has made over twice as much money as the other three animated films combined. DreamWorks is challenging Pixar's animation power by purposely releasing a Shrek 2-disc DVD on Friday, November 2, the exact day Pixar's Monsters, Inc. hits theaters. It is unheard of for movie companies to release movies on a Friday. Movies are usually released on Tuesdays.

Forum Debates
(by Several interesting debates are taking place in the Digital Media FX forums on a variety of topics. Here are some of the current top debates and links to those debates:

1. Feature hand-drawn animation...dying?

2. Star Wars 2 Title - "Attack of the Clones"

3. Is DreamWorks Emulating Disney?

4. First Mighty Mouse, Now Popeye.

5. Mother of Bubble Boy Blasts Disney Over New Film

Since opening in March 2001, there have been over 5000 posts on the Digital Media FX forums. You can visit the front page of the forums by clicking here.

Top News Stories of the Past Two Weeks
( Digital Media FX is updated 365 days a year including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If you don't visit daily you may have missed some important news. Here is a list of what we consider the top five news stories (in order of importance) of the past two weeks, including links to each story.

1. Voice of Garfield Dead at 64

2. Universal Studios Begins Work on New Animated Film

3. Osmosis Jones Bombs on Opening Day

4. Industrial Light & Magic Has Busy Summer

5. Shrek Crosses $350 Million Mark Worldwide

Sneak Peek - Jim Hill: Shrek Shakes Up Toon Town
( During a time when jobs for traditionally trained animators are scarce and getting scarcer, Jim Hill talks about how the huge long-term impact DreamWorks' not-so-lovable ogre could have on the animation industry. Jim Hill takes a look at how and why in his newest column that you are being given an exclusive sneak peek of.

To see the article, click here.

Thank you for being a part of the Digital Media FX team through your daily visits to I hope that you've enjoyed this edition of the Digital Media FX newsletter and I look forward to providing you with continued coverage of the animation and visual effects industries.

Best Wishes,

Joe Tracy, Publisher
Digital Media FX - The Power of Imagination

If you are not currently a subscriber to the Digital Media FX newsletter, then click here for your free subscription which is delivered on the 1st and 15th of every month.

All stories in this newsletter are ©Copyright 2001 by Joe Tracy / Digital Media FX and may not be reprinted in any form without the expressed written consent of Joe Tracy. To request such consent, click here, and provide details of which article you wish to republish and the Website location where it will be published. You will receive a response within 48 hours with whether your request has been accepted and, if so, the proper credit wording that must appear with the article.

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