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Digital Media FX Advertising
Digital Media FX offers only two types of advertising opportunities - full site sponsorship or just a simple direct text link.

Full Site Sponsorship
The first advertising option is known as "Full Site Sponsorship". A full site sponsorship is where an advertiser controls all ad spaces on Digital Media FX for an entire month for the base rate of $1,000 per month. This means that the advertiser is given the following:

1) The top 468X60 banner space
2) The bottom 468X60 banner space
3) The bottom 120X60 ad space
4) A 40 word text advertisement in the twice a month dFX Newsletter.
5) A direct link under the "Other Resources" menu on the left of every page.

Digital Media FX isn't like other traditional online publications that stuff all their pages with as many different advertisements as possible. Digital Media FX only allows one advertiser per month, keeping the full focus on one company. This method allows the advertiser full creative control to create a strong branding or results-oriented campaign at a very effective price.

Digital Media FX users are a very loyal bunch, due in part to strict rules Digital Media FX has in order to make the visitor experience as pleasant as possible. Rules for advertisers consist of the following:

1) No pop-up or pop-under banners are ever allowed on Digital Media FX.

2) No controversial banners (like "you have a new message" or "you've won") are allowed on Digital Media FX.

3) No annoying banners (i.e. flashing or strobing) are allowed on Digital Media FX.

This program allows advertisers to reach a group that is more respective of the medium, due to rules that alleviate advertising annoyances, but allow advertising quality to shine through.

As a sponsor of Digital Media FX, you will:

1) Be contributing to one of the largest animation and digital communities online with a very loyal group of readers who visit the site almost daily.

2) Reach a wide array of users by having your ad on nearly every page.

The cost for the full site sponsorship is $1,000 a month. Contact joetracy@earthlink.net for payment methods or response to your advertising inquiry.

Text Link
The second type of advertising is a direct text link to your Website that appears in the left-hand menu of every page under "Other Resources". This costs $100 a month and appears on over 1,000 Digital Media FX Web pages.

There are over 150,000 unique page views on the Digital Media FX Website every month. There are 1,400 pages.

To advertise, contact joetracy@earthlink.net.

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