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Sunday - October 14, 2001
- Gemini FX and Animation Award Nominations
- Uli Meyer Tackles Fred Bastard
- Weekend Box Office Estimates
- News Link of the Day - Dreaming of Oscars

Gemini FX and Animation Award Nominations
(by Canada's Gemini Awards, which is reflective of the United States Emmy Awards, has announced their TV nominations. The Gemini's celebrate excellence in Canadian English-language television, acknowledging our country's triumphs in 75 award categories, in three gala presentations. Here is a list of nominees in animation and visual effects categories.

Best Animated Program or Series:

Angela Anaconda
p. Kym Hyde, Neil Court, Steve Denure, Joanna Ferrone, John Mariella, Sue Rose, Beth Stevenson
(Decode Entertainment Inc., CORE Digital Pictures)

Caillou II
p. Peter Moss, Natalie Dumoulin, Cassandra Schafhausen
(CINAR Corporation)

Children of Chelm
p. Ira Levy, Peter Williamson
(Breakthrough Films & Television)

p. Michael Hirsh, Patricia Burns, Paul Hannequart, Stephen Hodgins, Patrick Loubert, Marc Minjauw, Clive Smith, Cynthia Taylor
(Nelvana Limited/Neuroplanet)

Ollie's Under the Bed Adventures
p. Steven J.P. Comeau, Jessica Andrews, Michael-Andreas Kuttner
(Collideascope Digital Production s Inc.)

Yvon of the Yukon
p. Blair Peters, Chris Bartleman, Bobby Hsieh, Tom Pong
(Studio B Productions, Hong Ying Animation)

Best Visual Effects:

Jim Finn, Geoff Anderson, Roberto Biagi, Joe Farrell, Jamie Kawano, Bruce MacDougall, Darren Marcoux, Tom Tennisco
Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda
The Mathematics of Tears

Noel Hooper, Mark Fordham, Robin Mitchell, Michael Pieczonka
Part 1

James Tichenor, Stephen Bahr, Michelle Comens, Shannon Gurney, Robin Hackl, Mark Roth, Craig Van Den Biggelaar, Bruce Woloshyn
Stargate SG-1

James Tichenor, Wray Douglas, Debora Dunphy, Erik Ellefson, Shannon Gurney, Robin Hackl, Greg Hansen, Jeremy Hoey, Kent Matheson, Christine Petrov, Judy D. Shane, Craig Van Den Biggelaar
Stargate SG-1
Small Victories

Steve Anker, Geoff Anderson, Joe Farrell, Patrick Halm, Lydia Hamilton, Tom Tennisco
The Outer Limits

The live televised Gemini Awards will take place later this month. GVFX had two nominations for Best Visual Effects - both Stargate SG-1 shows. In the past, GVFX's work has been nominated 15 times in the Best Visual Effects category. Click here to read an article on GVFX's work on the new Babylon 5 movie, The Legend of the Rangers.

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Fred BastardUli Meyer Tackles Fred Bastard
(by Fred Bastard is rude, crude and has a talent for laziness. His devious nature and lack of decorum have led him to a life of chaos. But if things go as planned, he could be an unlikely media star. Fred is the main character in Uli Meyer Studios’ (London) new adult-targeted animated series, "Fred Bastard."

The premise for Fred emerged about 11 years ago when animator Uli Meyer got the idea for the series. He has spent his downtime since then establishing characters and storylines. Staff at Uli Meyer Studios spent spare time working on bits and pieces of the project, which took 18 months to finish.

The studio used Cambridge Animation Systems’ Animo software to help create the series.

“Animo allowed us to preserve the artist’s line, which was essential for Fred’s brush-stroke look,” says Mark Farrington, producer at Uli Meyer. “The only alternative would have been to paint each cell by hand a high-cost option. We are very aware of the obvious savings Animo allowed us, especially since there was no outside funding for the project.”

Uli Meyer is currently seeking distributors and production partners to bring Fred Bastard to the web and/or television. The series’ pilot debuted at the Annecy Animation Festival in June. The episode follows Fred’s attempts to raise rent for his embittered landlady, Miss Hand-Shandy, by selling his beloved television and buying lottery tickets with the proceeds. Uli Meyer plans to enter the pilot in additional festivals and is working on future episodes, including “Fred’s Holiday Trip,” “Fred at the Hospital” and “Fred’s Doppelganger.”

Uli Meyer Studios was established 11 years ago and has produced approximately 300 commercials and worked on the feature films Space Jam, Lost in Space, and Anastasia. The studio, based in London, is a state-of-the-art animation facility with 3D, Avid and Commotion workstations.

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Weekend Box Office Estimates
(by Here are estimates for the top 10 movies at the box office over the weekend. None of them are heavy in visual effects or animation:

1. Training Day - $13.6 million
2. Bandits - $13.5 million
3. Corky Romano - $9.3 million
4. Serendipity - $9.0 million
5. Don't Say a Word - $6.8 million
6. Iron Monkey - $6.0 million
7. Zoolander - $5.1 million
8. Joy Ride - $4.9 million
9. Max Keeble's Big Move - $4.0 million
10. Hearts in Atlantis - $2.8 million

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News Link of the Day - Dreaming of Oscars

According to INQ7:

"Because an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film will be given out for the first time in March 2002, nearly every studio with an animation arm has released at least one "cartoon" this calendar year, in the hopes that they will win the first animation Oscar.

Dreamworks has given us the delightful, hilarious Shrek, while Disney has fielded the underrated aquatic adventure Atlantis. Coming in November from Pixar, the makers of Toy Story, is Monsters Inc. Sadly, Fox Animation is out of the running because its two animated films, Anastasia and Titan A.E., didn't generate much business, and the animation unit had to be shut down..."

(INQ7 seems to favor Osmosis Jones)

Click here for the full story.

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