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Monday - October 15, 2001
- Passion Affords Animators New Opportunities
- New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
- Release Charts: Animated, Anime, and FX DVDs
- News Link of the Day - Animation of Shooting Weighed

Passion Affords Animators New Opportunities
(by As technology becomes more advanced, animators are finding it more possible to bring the power of imagination to life in ways never before possible. Take, for example, the artists at Fathom Studios who assembled a company to make CGI feature films out of a passion and are using the Internet in savvy marketing efforts to bring attention to their work.

Fathom Studios first major feature film effort, in production since 1998, is called Delgo. It is described by the creators as a "fantasy epic adventure of a world's struggle for unity." You can view the trailer here or the Website here. The movie is fully funded with work currently underway on Hollywood voice talent and distribution.

To attract interest of animators and animation enthusiasts, Fathom Studios posts official production digital dailies reports to its site so that anyone with an online connection can follow the progress and inside workings of the movie. Here's what Fathom Studios says about its Digital Dailies reports:

"What these Digital Dailies offer is something that has never been done, a window to the world of the reality of the animation process. The postings on this site (while slightly delayed) are what actually occur on our virtual set. You can see and read it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We hope that students, burgeoning animators, and film enthusiasts alike can all learn from and appreciate what is involved in the making of a computer animated movie. Education is the key to unlocking everyone's creative potential."

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New dFX Newsletter Tomorrow
(by A new issue of the dFX Animation and FX Newsletter will be delivered to those subscribed via email. The publication, put out twice a month, contains articles not found on the Digital Media FX Website and links to top stories, forum discussions, and sneak peeks of new material. To subscribe right now, click here.

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Release Charts: Animated, Anime, and FX DVDs
(by Here are new animated, FX, and anime DVDs hitting store shelves tomorrow, including the first Star Wars DVD - The Phantom Menace, Cats & Dogs, and Thumb Wars:

Star Wars: Espisode 1 - The Phantom Menace (1999 - FX)
Cats & Dogs (2001 - FX)
Mobile Suit Gundam The 08th MS Team - Vol. 3 (anime)
Farscape #7: The Flax/Jeremiah Crichton (1999 - FX)
Arc the Lad - Oath of Vengeance - Vol. 5 (2001 - anime)
Bartok the Magnificent (1999 - animated)
Dragon Ball Z - Frieza - Super Saiyan Goku (1996 - anime)
Independence Day: Special Edition Rerelease (1996 - FX)
Magic Users Club - I Wanna Do More (anime)
Spike and Mike's Classic Festival Of Animation (Animated - not for kids)
Thumb Wars! (FX)

If you like Thumb Wars you may enjoy another Star Wars type spoof (no fx or animation) called George Lucas in Love. Click here. is now accepting pre-orders for the Shrek 2-Disc DVD. Click here. is now accepting pre-orders for the Final Fantasy DVD. Click here.

If you haven't yet ordered the Snow White DVD (availability will be limited), click here.

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News Link of the Day - Animation of Shooting Weighed

According to the Post Gazette:

"In a first for Pennsylvania, a judge said last week that he would probably allow jurors to see a computer animation that simulates a man shooting his wife to death.

Lackawanna County Judge Terrence R. Nealon ruled that prosecutors may use the two-minute animated depiction provided it 'does not include any inflammatory features which may cause unfair prejudice'..."

Click here for the full story.

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