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Friday - October 26, 2001
- Monsters, Inc. Opens Next Friday
- Billboard's Top Video Sales
- Chuck Jones Timber Wolf Flash Series
- News Link of the Day - Waking Life is 'My Dinner with Andre' on Acid

Monsters, Inc. Opens Next Friday
(by Monsters, Inc. opens next Friday with early reviews continuing to praise the newest Pixar creation. This Sunday will be the World Premiere for Monsters, Inc. at the El Capitan Theatre where the film will begin airing digitally starting November 2. The El Capitan Theatre will also feature a Monsters, Inc. exhibit next door that was put together by the Disney Special Events team. Called Monsters, Inc. Headquarters, the exhibit features a live show (Let's Make A Scream), a course called Monsters 101, costumed characters, and a behind the scenes look a the making of the movie.

Pixar stock started the year at $30 a share and despite the economic downturn and world events, it is currently trading at $40 a share as investors react to positive early reaction from analysts who have seen the movie.

Digital Media FX will begin extensive coverage of Monsters, Inc. starting next Tuesday.

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Billboard's Top Video Sales
(by Billboard has released its list of top video sales for last week with seven of the top 10 selling videos being animated or visual effects intensive. The Mummy Returns placed #1 with the new CGI animated Barbie in the Nutcracker placing second! Third was Spy Kids followed in fourth by Scooby Doo and the Cyber Chase. Other FX or animated movies making the top 10 include It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Scooby Doo: Spookiest Tales, and The Mummy.

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Chuck Jones Timber Wolf Flash Series
(by Award winning animator Chuck Jones has completed a series of Flash cartoons for Warner Bros. online that started airing this week. Warner Bros. describes the Flash series as follows:

"The show introduces us to Thomas T. Wolf, a character who sees the world as his oyster, despite being cursed with trees falling on him whenever he says his middle name, 'Timber.' As much as Thomas yearns for a peaceful life of leisure, nothing is as easy as he thinks it should be. While the series is centered around Thomas, there are many other creatures that inhabit the woods in Thomas' world. Of course none so great, refined or noble as Thomas -- at least in his opinion."

Jones is noted for his work on past classic Looney Toon cartoon series and is responsible for helping to bring famous characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig to life.

There's a new episode in the series that is uploaded every Monday. Besides Jones, the following people were also involved in the series:

Stephen Fossati (executive producer, supervising director, co-writer)
Philip Vaughn (producer, co-writer)
Jeff Degrandis (producer, director)

Click here to go to the Warner Bros. Timber Wolf site.

(Note: this story was a result of an alert reader who took the time to email the news tip to Digital Media FX. If you have an animation news tip, please email it to

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News Link of the Day - Waking Life is 'My Dinner with Andre' on Acid

According to The Star Tribune:

"For a movie heralded as the cutting edge of visual innovation, "Waking Life" is disappointingly dull in every other respect.

It's a tricky movie to describe. Think of "My Dinner With Andre" on acid. Then convert the photos to rudimentary drawings amassed in a flip book -- except you have sticky fingers that cause the images to jump around rather than flow smoothly..."

Click here for the full story.

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