A Look at the new Shrek Xbox game coming out on November 8, 2001
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Shrek's Xbox Adventure
by Joe Tracy, Publisher of Digital Media FX (digitalmediafx.com)

On November 8, 2001, Microsoft will release its Xbox gaming console supported with dozens of new games, including one based on DreamWorks animated movie, Shrek.

Being developed by Digital Illusions Canada and released by TDK Mediactive, Inc., the Shrek Xbox game explores four new Shrek worlds with 12 levels of gameplay and 36 missions to accomplish. Every mission begins with an animated real-time rendered scene to enhance the adventure.

While the world in the Shrek Xbox game differs from the worlds in the movie, the elements of humor that made Shrek a big hit at the box office will also become part of the game.

The game picks up after the movie. Once again the fairy tale creatures have invaded Shrek's home because they consider him a hero and need his help to solve many new problems. This is where the 36 missions come in. Shrek undertakes the missions in an effort to get the fairy tale creatures to leave him alone.

The game includes many of the popular characters from the movie including Donkey and even the ginger bread man! It will also include new characters. TDK Mediactive believes that the game, its first release for Xbox, will shine.

"The Xbox graphics are absolutely top notch. They take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of Xbox and provide a seamless transition from the feature film to the videogame," said Vincent Bitetti, chief executive officer of TDK Mediactive. "Broad license appeal and action-packed game play add to the great look, giving Shrek all the makings of a blockbuster game."

The makers of Xbox tend to agree.

"We have seen this game at mid-production, and it is very clear that the fundamentals of a great game are all there. We are very excited about Shrek because it is a great example of what Xbox can do," said J Allard, General Manager, Xbox Platform. "I think that we are all going to be blown-away by the end result of this game."

Here are some images from the game obtained by Digital Media FX (www.digitalmediafx.com):

Shrek Xbox Game Image

In Enemy Territory...

Look Out Behind You!

Joe Tracy is the publisher of Digital Media FX (www.digitalmediafx.com)



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